How to Build Apktool from source

Apktool is a collection of 1 project, containing sub-projects and a few dependencies.

The main project can be found below


Build Steps

We use gradle to build. It’s pretty easy. First clone the repository.

  1. git clone git://
  2. cd Apktool
  3. For steps 3-5 use ./gradlew for unix based systems or gradlew.bat for windows.
  4. [./gradlew][gradlew.bat] build shadowJar - Builds Apktool, including final binary.
  5. Optional (You may build a Proguard jar) [./gradlew][gradlew.bat] build shadowJar proguard

After build completes you should have a jar file at: ./brut.apktool/apktool-cli/build/libs/apktool-xxxxx.jar