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Contributing to Apktool

Report a bug

Apktool gets plenty of bug reports not related to apktool at all. People use the tool, but they don’t know how to edit XML files, sign apks or even install them. I find it funny that some people go the hard route of reverse engineering when they don’t even know how to work with application sources.

So… if you get some errors from apktool when decoding or building an apk, then this is probably a bug in apktool and you should report it. But if you have succeeded at decoding and building, but the app doesn’t work on your device, then I suggest you do some tests:

After all of this, if you are ready to report a bug. Please make sure to follow the Issue Template.

Report a bug here, Submit a feature request

I want to work on the project

Great! Explore and fix some bugs while you are here. You may find the project here and contributing hints.

This documentation could use some work

Good thing it is open source! Clean up the documentation here.

Community Contributions

  1. Ubuntu Bash Script - draekko

Feel free to make pull requests with additional community tools